Social Media Challenge


-Today kicks off a 4 part social media contest to help you boost your social media.  In order to participate, you will need to register by clicking here.  Each week we will be sending you a new task to complete to help you optimize your social media.  Each participant who completes all 4 activities will be entered to win a $100 paid boost for their business on the Avalon Park Orlando Facebook Page.  If you need assistance optimizing, resizing or finding a picture, just let us know there is no penalty for getting assistance, as long as the task is complete.

Social Media Challenge 1:

-Create a Facebook Business Page
-Add a logo or picture that is optimized for the Profile picture space  Size:  360 x360
-Add an up-to-date cover image Size:  820×312

Social Media Challenge 2: 

Supporting each other is a great way to boost your social media reach!  Each time you tag someone it does two things:  1.  Let’s that person know you made a post, 2.  Hyperlinks their social media to your post.  This increases engagement to both of your pages by creating an easy way to notify and share an interesting and relevant post.  Below are a couple of ways that you can help boost engagement on your social media posts and counts towards the next challenge:

-Like @AvalonParkOrlando on Facebook and Instagram as your business Page

-Make one post on Facebook or Instagram and Tag @AvalonParkOrlando

-Make one post on Facebook or Instagram and Tag another Downtown Avalon Park Business

Social Media Challenge 3-

Write a positive review for 3 official Avalon Park Business Listed Here.  Can be on Facebook, Yelp or Google.  Once you have completed this, please send me an email letting me know which ones you had submitted.  If you are not participating in the challenge, I encourage you to still do this.  This is a great way for you to boost your neighbors!

Social Media Challenge 4-

Post a :30 video to one of your social media channels about your business, service, special or event you have this week.


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