Philanthropy & Affiliations


Build a place for people to live, learn, work and play where they feel a sense of belonging


Cultivate a culture of creation, inclusion, and collaboration for everyone.

Core Values

Collaboration, Integrity, Compassion, Inclusivity, and Passion

Avalon Park For Good

The Avalon Spirit

Since our founding, we have built communities that are not only robust centers of business and economic activity, but also where a spirit of togetherness, kindness, and thoughtfulness can permeate our neighborhoods.

The Avalon spirit is embodied by entire networks of affiliates, partners, and initiatives that form the foundations of how we create vibrant communities. Among these, we have two marquee institutions:

Avalon Park Foundation

Avalon Park Foundation is an organization that sits at the heart of our community service. From coordinating awareness raising events to managing grants to organizing volunteer teams, Avalon Park Foundation works hand-in-hand with communities to give back. The foundation has worked on a diverse range of issues, including homelessness, autism, and mental health. 

To learn more about how we give back or to get involved yourself, read more here.

Avalon Park Arts and Culture Center

We believe that art creates a sense of place, belonging, and is a vital part of building a community. The Avalon Park Arts and Culture Center is an exhibition gallery, event venue, and community space to host, showcase, and provide opportunities to arts and culture in Avalon Park. The Center is a welcoming platform that is home to an artist residency program, frequent talks and workshops, and currently features the works from students of 4 local schools as well as 40+ local artists. 

To find out about how you too can contribute and participate in the vibrant arts and culture scene here in Avalon Park, check out our page here.  


Public/Private Partnership

  • Avalon Elementary Land Donation
  • Alafaya Trail
  • Avalon Park Blvd
  • Avalon Church
  • West Orange Turf
  • Timber Creek Stadium
  • Avalon Elementary Culture Teacher Trips
  • Florida Hospital
  • Avalon Middle
  • Avalon Center for Technical Excellence
  • Stone Lakes Elementary


  • Orlando Inc
  • Visit Orlando
  • Orlando Tech Council
  • Hispanic Chamber
  • Fusian Fest
  • Christian Chamber
  • EOCC
  • Pasco EDC
  • Team Volusia
  • Puerto Rican Chamber
  • IABA
  • Volusia Builders Association
  • North Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  • Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce
  • Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce
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