Puerto Rican Company Opens First Continental U.S. Office in Avalon Park

Puerto Rican Company Opens First Continental U.S. Office in Avalon Park

 American Management and Administration Corporation focused on finding and developing affordable/workforce housing for families displaced by Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Avalon Park, Fla. (February 12, 2018) – As Puerto Ricans continue to relocate to Central Florida after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, American Management and Administration Corporation has decided expand operations to the continental US and have chosen to open their first office in Downtown Avalon Park.

In Puerto Rico, American Management and Administration Corporation, or AMAC, is one of the leaders in public and affordable housing administration. With more than 25 years of experience, AMAC has served more than 100,000 families and managed more than 23,000 individual housing units in the island.

“The need for adequate affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues in the State of Florida, as it is for many others, and thus is also one of the critical issues facing the thousands of Puerto Ricans that are migrating to the continental US,” says Walter R. Pierluisi, CEO of American Management and Administration Corporation FL. “We understand this market and look forward to developing solutions that bridge the gap between people and adequate affordable housing.”

“AMAC is looking towards creating affordable and workforce housing opportunities for the thousands of families that have relocated to states like Florida and Texas, or that are considering doing so on a daily basis, in search of a better quality of life,” Pierluisi added “Ultimately, they are chasing the American Dream.”

The addition confirms Avalon Park as being one of Central Florida’s premier locations for small businesses to start.

“We are honored to be the choice for American Management and Administration Corporation as they start to expand into the United States,” says Beat Kahli, CEO, Avalon Park Group. “This location is perfect for this type of business and we welcome them to Avalon Park.”

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