Launchpad APAC Investment Firm Joins the Avalon Park Group of Companies

Orlando, FL (February 3, 2023) – Avalon Park Group (APG) announced today the addition of the global private investment firm, Launchpad APAC (Launchpad), to the APG group of companies.   After years of successful partnership, the formal arrangement was finalized effective January 1, 2023.  The alignment opens the door for new possibilities in APG’s presence in the Asia Pacific region moving forward, with the former Launchpad team leading APG’s investment activities.


For 30+ years, APG has been dedicated to changing the way the world lives, learns, works, and plays through the creation of healthy communities via the operationalization of projects in real estate, healthcare, education, and entertainment in Europe and the United States. Their investment arm has focused on building strong partnerships with local entities to embed APG in various communities.


Founded in Singapore, Launchpad has been committed to implementing flexible, research informed strategies in undervalued markets across Asia, Europe, and the United States to prioritize long-term returns. Since their inception, they have built an extensive track record of successful projects across four continents. These investments span several sectors, including but not limited to consumer electronics, life sciences, real estate.


Under Avalon Park Group, the former Launchpad and APG investment teams have streamlined their operations to build more effective and efficient decision-making processes, but their core values will stay the same. They remain committed to investing in sustainable, resilient companies which think in decades, not quarters.  “Our philosophy is sustainable growth,” says Beat Kahli, APG President & CEO. “Investing in the next big thing, doing what everyone else does is obviously the easiest option, but trends die, and fads disappear overnight. On the other hand, we focus on fundamentals: assessing a business from the bottom line and day-to-day operations. The new team will enable APG to support the success of our partners at a larger scale, without sacrificing any of our flexibility.”


The strategic decision to combine APG’s investment arm with Launchpad has been made in consideration of the firm’s expertise in these investment sectors, in addition to their global presence in the Asia Pacific region. Coming together will allow the teams to carry forward Launchpad’s philosophy of growth and agility, while capitalizing on the resources and experience offered by APG for new developments in Asia Pacific countries. “Asia is where the potential is,” says APG’s Principal and former Launchpad Partner Ravi Kumar. “The Asia Pacific region is seeing the emergence of entrepreneurs who are unafraid to break new ground in untapped markets, and renewed vigor in collaborations between the public and private sectors.”


“Massive shifts in global supply chain operations are currently taking place. Diversification is more important than ever in the wake of global events and post-pandemic economic recovery,” says Andreas Derzsi, APG’s Principal and former Launchpad Partner. “We are confident that these changes will bring a new wave of opportunity to the Asia Pacific region. After spending almost 15 years in Singapore, I have seen how much the region can grow. APG is eager to maximize these opportunities and support the development of the region.” APG’s Asian business will focus on consumer electronics, technology and real estate sectors respectively.


Moving forward, APG is poised to leverage the best elements of the partnerships, presence, and resources brought to the table by both the Launchpad and APG investment teams. Their synergy and complementary expertise will continue supporting the expansion of emergent ventures from burgeoning markets in the Asia Pacific region, solidifying their global presence and commitment to sustainable growth.


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