Coffee Hour with Beat

Almost 30 years ago I moved from Switzerland to Florida. People asked me what is different in the US compared to Central Europe. My answer: In the US everything is bigger, the buildings, the cars, and the people as well. I used to be an athlete in my younger years in Switzerland. From biking I went straight to eating and gained a lot of weight in Florida. Why? Instead of walking from home to the office, to the store and most other places like in Zurich, Switzerland, in Orlando anything and everything can be done in a car, this coupled with eating larger food portions is a 100% sure way to gain weight.

I am writing this coffee hour from Switzerland, where I spent Christmas with my family. And just looking at my average steps a day while I have been here, they are double for my daily routine. Even if I drive in a car, there is always walking involved, most of the time you cannot park in front of your destination, you need to walk from a parking spot 100 yards or so. Additionally, parts of the city of Zurich are for pedestrians and bikes only.

Well, because you can does not mean you have to live a life without movement.

A few years ago, I decided to get in shape. And like running a marathon, it starts with a first step.  It is all about getting started. If you have not done any exercise for many years, the beginning is a challenge. However, after just a short period of time you will start to see that it becomes easier and easier.  And soon you will notice that it is not as difficult to run for 30 minutes, bike 1 hour or swim. I feel like the best strategy is getting up and right away to do some exercise. After a few weeks, it becomes a habit, and you miss it if you skip just one morning.

I am not a fan of complicated exercise or diet plans. I truly think it is simple: eat about 1/3 less and work out daily. Anybody can find 30 minutes a day to exercise. For me just getting 30 minutes up earlier works well.

I truly believe investing in the health and well-being of Avalon Park is one of the best things we can do for everyone in our beautiful community. I look forward to a happy and healthy new year in Avalon Park with you!

Happy Healthy New Year Avalon Park!

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