Coffee Hour with Beat

A little over a month ago we received notification that the relationship with one of our long-term community partners, the YMCA, was going to be drastically changing.  Over the past 2+ decades Avalon Park Group has enjoyed a great relationship with the YMCA, but with all things, change is required for growth.  While we share in the community’s sadness, we view this as an opportunity to reevaluate health and wellness in our community.

Upon notification of the departure of this much needed service in our community, I immediately began thinking about how we can fill this void that our community values and needs.  While I brainstormed with my team and close advisors, we thought what better way to find out what the community needs, than to ask them. So that is what we did.  We sent out a survey and started having conversations with you to find out our next steps.  I want to truly say thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback.  What we heard from you loud and clear was that you wanted a gym, but that gym needed to be accessible during more hours.  We also heard that you wanted new equipment.  We also heard that you loved the staff and classes and wanted to see them stay!

We heard you and we are happy to report that we were able to address most of the top concerns that we heard from you! We called on a long-time community partner, East Orlando Sports Group, to work with us to address these concerns and start bringing some life to your requests.

We will open the East Orlando Gym this November.  And while the exact date depends on a few logistical pieces, we are committed to providing as little downtime as possible.  The Y will operate their last day on October 28th and will need a couple of weeks to remove their equipment.  We have ordered brand new equipment which is scheduled to arrive Nov. 13th, at which point we will begin installation immediately. The space will also require some refreshing, like painting and minor repairs, but we will not be closing the doors to do any renovations at this time.  While there are larger plans to upgrade the space over the next few months, but it is our goal to provide as little downtime as possible, so we will transition quickly to get you working out as quickly as possible! While we are getting the space ready, we will be hosting several pop-up events and exercises to keep you active.

While there might be a few down days as we transition equipment, please rest assured that we are committed to keeping this facility open with several positive changes, including enhanced equipment, lower membership rates, expanded classes and more accessible operating hours. To learn more about those details and to stay up-to-date on any new announcements visit or email

At Avalon Park Group, our vision has always been clear – we are dedicated to creating a thriving town where community members can live, learn, work, and play. We firmly believe that community health and wellness are vital components of this vision, and we are more committed than ever to see it through.

Avalon Park Group remains committed to this community, where we, too, live, learn, work, and play. Together, we will shape the future of wellness in Avalon Park, ensuring that our shared vision of a thriving, vibrant community comes to life.

Thank you for your trust, your support, and your dedication to our shared future.

Beat Kahli

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