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Around this time of year, I typically like to provide a snapshot of the community over the past year.  In 2023, Avalon Park Orlando has seen significant progress, particularly in our Downtown area. Our core mission remains unwavering: to change the way people live, learn, work, and play. While there have been noticeable changes, we want to emphasize our ongoing commitment to improving Avalon Park for all. Below are a few updates on what has been happening and what is on the horizon for Avalon Park in the future:




Avalon Park offers a diverse range of housing options, catering to various sizes and price points, encompassing apartments, townhomes, single-family homes, and assisted living residences. Our ongoing efforts now focus on providing additional housing options tailored to seniors. Presently, we are actively working on an age-targeted home option for active adults, which will be located on the “Flagpole Lot,” with plans to introduce the design in the near future.




Avalon Park takes immense pride in the consistent excellence of its schools, spanning from elementary to middle and high school levels, all maintaining A-rated statuses. Notably, Avalon Elementary and Avalon Middle have earned the prestigious distinction of being recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools, a distinction reserved for the top 300 schools in the United States. Additionally, Pinecrest Avalon Park charter school, situated in Avalon Park South Village, provides an alternative educational option and proudly holds an A rating. Many families have chosen Avalon Park as their home due to the outstanding schools. We firmly believe that the remarkable performance of our schools contributes to the continued appreciation of property values above market averages. As we look to the future, Avalon Park remains committed to expanding educational opportunities within the community through programming in our state-of-the-art daycares, the Avalon Park Arts and Culture Center, the Avalon School of Music, All-Star Dance, Championship Martial Arts, and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, further enriching the learning experiences available to our residents.




While the landscape of small businesses may evolve over time, Avalon Park remains a thriving hub for entrepreneurial spirit. In terms of commerce and job opportunities, we consistently outshine other communities of our size. Our community boasts a diverse job market, catering to individuals from the age of 16 with opportunities in numerous restaurants, all the way to high-paying managerial positions in globally recognized companies like Data Transfer Solutions, The 5th Floor, and more. The landscape of the “Work” component has changed globally, where many residents have embraced remote work, appreciating the convenience of having all their daily necessities within the community. We understand that the realm of work and jobs is an ongoing endeavor, and we remain committed to its development in Downtown Avalon Park.



While Avalon Park Group shares in the community’s sadness surrounding the closing of the YMCA location in Avalon Park, we look at this as an opportunity to reevaluate health and wellness in our community.  Our vision remains that individual and family wellness is instrumental to a healthy community. Avalon Park Group has always subsidized this space and will continue to do so.  Current members will see an improvement in equipment, lower rates, and more accessible hours.  While there will be a few down days to swap out equipment, APG is committed to keeping the facility open.  Again, the facility will remain open and accessible as a fitness facility.


We value your input on the improvements you would like to see and the services you wish to see continue. To gather your valuable feedback, we have created a survey accessible through the following link:


For the past 25+ years APG has kept an open-door policy for the community to access us with their concerns, ideas and ways that they see the community flourishing.  We will continue to do so.  So, as you have feedback on this community, we welcome it, by reaching out to and we will do our best to promptly answer you.   It has always been and continues to be our philosophy that everyone belongs in Avalon Park.  We have spent the past two decades committed to that ideal by changing the way the world lives, learns, works, and plays. So, whether you live, learn, work or play, or all four, we want you to know that You Belong in Avalon Park and we are committed to that for the next 25 years and beyond.


Beat Kahli

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