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As I reflect on Avalon Park’s journey to becoming a town from a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, I must credit the success to all the stakeholders.  From the residents and business owners to the investors, the concept of partnerships and working together has proven to be a winning model in the development of this small town. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.

It would take pages to list all the partnerships Avalon Park Group has entered in the last 25 years, and without those partnerships, there would not be a great town where people can live, learn, work and play today and for future generations.

Whenever you have a dream, and the dream is strong enough you work hard and passionately.  Most of the time you reach your goal eventually, despite all the challenges and setbacks on the way. However, when you analyze the most important ingredient of success on a large scale, it is my opinion that it all comes back to partnerships and working together.

I learned from my native country Switzerland, the concepts of working together, building partnerships, creating coalitions and at times compromising are vital for successful relationships, both business and personal. A small country, less than 1/3 of the land size of Florida, does not give you “enough space to do what you want,” and you always need to have all your neighbors “on board.” When I came to Orlando in 1989, there were no neighbors to the 9,400 acres originally planned to be Avalon Park. And when I approached competitors to work together, at first, they were surprised. Why would Avalon Park Group help to build a road to at the time landlocked properties? The answer lies in the fact that without teamwork and partnerships, there would be no Timber Springs, Spring Isle, or the larger Avalon Park area – often referred to as the “Bubble.” While it initially spurred competition, today, residents within the Bubble live, learn, work, and play harmoniously, and Downtown Avalon Park owes its vitality to this spirit of collaboration.

While most great visions are not the creation of a committee or group, rather a single driven individual pursuing a dream. The implementation of great visions is always the product of teamwork.

In keeping with this vision, the community is organizing a leadership town hall meeting at the Avalon Park Pavilion on September 14th, 6 pm.  The summit aims to unite various community stakeholders, including schools, businesses, non-profits and individuals, and your presence would contribute greatly to this collective effort. To learn more about attending this meeting, please email

Join us as we prove that teamwork indeed makes dreams work!


Beat Kahli

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