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Two of the key business strategies I have come to rely upon have been and continues to be thinking in the LONG-TERM and always seeking a WIN/WIN scenario.  Our master-planned community development project in Pasco County, Avalon Park Wesley Chapel, is a significant example of why those strategies work.

In 1988, 35 years ago, we bought 1,800 acres of land in Pasco County, which today we call Avalon Park Wesley Chapel. Thirty-five years ago, when nobody had internet, there were no smart phones, social media and most of the technologies we rely upon today.

It started in 1988 with the sellers, Bill Brown, and his family.  The Browns did not want to sell their 1,800 acres of land in East Pasco County, but the IRS was on the doorstep and money was needed. So, we entered into a purchase agreement that stipulated that the Browns could continue to have their cattle on the land and continue their agricultural operations as long as we did not develop the property or parts of it. Bill was able to farm on the land he sold in 1988 until his passing a few years ago for no charge. This is the perfect example of a WIN/WIN.

These days corporate America is notorious for thinking short term. Wallstreet is focused on the quarter and long-term partnerships do not really count for much in corporate America. However, when your business model is to develop sustainable towns where people can live, learn, work, and play the quarter means nothing. Quite the opposite, it is the decades of partnerships and long-term thinking that means everything. I am proud to say that Pasco County has proven to be a great long-term partner for Avalon Park Group over all these years.

From the initial approval of the DRI (Development of Regional Impact) in 1990, Pasco County and APG have worked hand in hand.  And when complete, Avalon Park Wesley Chapel will likely be a billion plus asset for Pasco County, with its anticipated property value and estimated 20,000 residents.

Pasco County and APG have proven that there is success when partners think long-term, which results in a WIN/WIN for all.  This is the reason why we continue to invest in Pasco County, beyond the town of Avalon Park Wesley Chapel. Besides past developments such as an industrial park and more, we also operate a lime rock mine in Northwest Pasco County. Our goal is to expand this venture, which will provide more jobs and produce materials needed for the construction industry locally.

Our long-term thinking and partnerships continue, not only in Pasco County, but Orange County, Volusia County, Lake County and the several other global locations where we do business….35 years and counting.


Beat Kahli

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