Coffee Hour with Beat

Happy Fourth of July!

Well, I have just about another 6 months before I turn 60 years old. Hard to believe! And for those 60 years I pretty much have spent the first half in the country I was born, Switzerland, and the second half in Florida, USA. I still routinely go back and forth between Orlando and Switzerland Avalon Park Group offices.

People often ask me, where do I like it more, and the answer is: I like a good steak, but I also like chocolate cake, but those are two different things. I cannot say what I like better. Over the years I have listed on paper what I think is “better” in Florida and what is “better” in Switzerland, and it always ends up pretty much the same!

So, when asked what home to me is, the answer is simple: BOTH!

While I am in Switzerland, I am the “best” Ambassador for the Unites States of America, Florida and of course Avalon Park! And while I am in the United States, I am doing the same for Switzerland.

Switzerland’s birth date is August 1st, 1291. The US “was born” on July 4th, 1776. Well, that is quite a difference in age. However, the US and Switzerland have much more in common than one may think. In the Western world the only countries that were never a Monarchy (never had a King or Queen) are Switzerland and the US. The direct democracy model with a House of Representatives and a Senate are almost identical in each of the countries. I would also go as far to say that the average businessman from Zurich (my Swiss hometown) has much more in common with the average businessman from New York than with the businessmen from Italy, Spain, Greece or any other European country.

The US and Switzerland are both patriotic and very successful countries. I feel blessed that I am able to call both countries home. Hence, I will celebrate independence twice over the next few weeks, on 4th of July in Avalon Park and August 1st in Switzerland.

As always there will be a great event on July 4th in Avalon Park. I hope that you will share in the community festivities that evening, like the Bike Parade and the Apple Pie Bake-Off, and then wrap up a day of community and celebration with world-class fireworks at 9 pm.

Happy 4th of July!


Beat Kahli

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