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It was October 1987, (a third of a century ago) my eyes were fixed at a bank monitor, in disbelief watching the Dow Jones Index losing more than 20% in one day. To date, it is still the largest percentage loss in one day! At the time I was a young businessman in Zurich, Switzerland and shares in a Swiss real estate company I bought were going down fast. To make things worse I had used leverage and not only I, but my banker, got nervous. With a lack of experience, and maybe in looking back with no fear in the crises, I bought more of the same stock. Fast forward 2 years. The stock market had gotten back to the same level it was before the crash….and today the Dow Jones (even after the correction of late) is more than 10 times higher than after the 1987 crash. In 1995, (a quarter of a century ago) when Avalon Park was called the Altman Ranch, and the home of some 100 cows, now more than 15,000 residents, the bank holding a mortgage on the land (Southeast Bank) was broke. At first, I thought this was not so much my problem, but it quickly turned out that it was indeed a problem for me as well. Why? The bank in receivership called our loan, and wanted to have millions back, more or less, right away. Still in the middle of the savings and loan crisis, the end of hundreds of saving and loan institutes across the county, nobody wanted to refinance that mortgage. Well, a crisis for sure.

Today, Avalon Park is a town built on land in the middle of nowhere, it would fill a book (and sometime I will write it) how out of this crises a quarter of a century ago, we were able to develop a small City. In 2008-2009, our economy went through the most severe financial collapse since the Great Depression. Banks were in need of billions of dollars from the government and millions of Americans lost their jobs and homes. Out of this crisis companies like Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook built their foundation to dominate the world on a new platform area today. US banks rose to the top of the globe again from being by and large bankrupt at the time. Why I am you telling all that? Well today the world is in a crisis, no question, but I would bet a million dollars that America and the World will find a way out. I am betting on this being a great time to start a company and to expand a business.

My advice is that while many are waiting until the crises is over, I encourage all of you entrepreneurs not to wait. You may have heard about the rule of thumb in business: buy low, sell high. It is the same in the business world if you if you start when the economy and often the spirit is at a low, like in this COVID-19 crisis, things can only get better. Avalon Park Group would like to help you to get started, that is why we are putting up $1,000,000 for 20+ entrepreneurs/companies who want to start or expand a business. The money will come in cash, but it will also include office space, membership at The 5th Floor in Avalon Park Orlando, being part of a worldwide network, with access to our offices in Muttenz/Basel, Switzerland, Singapore, Sydney, Australia, San Juan, Puerto Rico and more to come.

Moreover, as a serial entrepreneur, I will personally help you get started as a successful entrepreneur. Along with a team of experts from CPA’s, to legal advisors, to MBA’s and marketing exerts working around the clock all over the world at your fingertips. There are 2 conditions: 1. You need to submit your application by April 17, 2020. 2. You need to be able to start/expand/reinvent your business in Avalon Park. What kind of business are we looking for: anything under the Sun: START UP, EXPANSION, RELOCATING. A panel of experts including members from 4
continents: Beat Kahli, President and CEO of Avalon Park Group, Dr. Christoph Stutz, International Developer based in Basel, Switzerland, CarolAnn Dykes Logue from the University of Central Florida’s Innovation Districts, Marta Pierluisi from San Juan Puerto Rico, Andreas Derzsi from sitEX Singapore, Kirby Parsonage Director and Investment Fund Manager at Sumner Capital in Sydney, Australia, and Marybel Defillo, CFO at Avalon Park Group. AGAIN $1 MILLION IS AWAITING the next great idea!

For more details please turn to the front page of this edition of the Avalon Park Sun. I am confident that in 10 years we will look back to the COVID-19 Pandemic and talk about how we started a whole series of great entrepreneurs out of this worldwide crisis. $1 MILLION IS AWAITING the next great idea! Submit your application by April 17, 2020.


Beat Kahli

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Investment into sitEX Properties Holding AG, a publicly traded Swiss real estate development company with activities in Northwest Switzerland, Central Florida and Texas. Largest shareholder. Top performing publicly traded company in Switzerland with a 10-yr IRR of 19.4%.