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There are two key recognition days in the month of May. NATIONAL NURSES WEEK AND TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK.

TEACHERS AND NURSES (and all health care workers) are very important to our community.

I am often astonished about how much money a lawyer, or a Wall Street banker makes compared to a teacher or a health care worker. I deeply believe lawyers and Wall Street bankers are greatly overpaid and teachers and health care worker are vastly underpaid.

When I see how hard our over-night Nurses, Caregivers and other team members work at Encore Avalon Park’s Assisted Living community, I would love to double or triple their salaries, if I only could. I am very thankful for their hard work, dedication and passion. Over the years I have seen what it means to work around the clock at Encore (which is currently at record occupancy numbers) in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. It takes outstanding people, who care for our elderly. Nurses and health care workers deserve more than our deep appreciation and not just in May but all year around. Especially with mental health to be a top concern in our community and globally, Nurses, all health care workers and teachers are very important.

When asked what the single most important reason is that Avalon Park became the most successful (by homes sales) community several years in a row (back when under construction), I always say, the schools. When planning Avalon Park more the 25 years ago, I did not yet have children of my own. Hence, I was surprised to learn from the REALTOR community, that the single most important reason for recommending a community to a home buyer are the schools, new schools, A schools et al.

I am proud to report that Avalon Park has continued to have all A schools, for more than 10 years and on top of that, 2 of them have earned the Blue Ribbon school status, which means they are recognized as one of the 300 best schools in the United States. When I asked the legendary former Avalon Park Elementary Principal Pam Sanders, in 2001, what it would take to have the best schools in Avalon Park. She was quick to tell me: outstanding teachers.  And for sure with more than 10,000 student stations in Avalon Park, and all A schools, there is no doubt that we have great teachers!

So, today and every day, I want to say congratulations and THANK YOU to all the nurses, health care workers, teachers and school employees, who work tirelessly to make our community the best that it can be. We appreciate you very much!


Beat Kahli

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