Coffee Hour with Beat

November often brings up feelings of gratitude. And I think often about what a blessing it is to be born after World War 2 in either the United States of America or Switzerland. A time in which those countries by and large had prosperity and the freedom to pursue anything you could dream of. 

 Life looked very different if you were born 80 years earlier.  For example, in Germany, in your lifetime and in your country, you would have had been a part of 2 world wars, 2 hyper-inflations, no retirement benefits, and very limited health insurance, et al. 

 And still today, if you are born in most parts of Africa or Asia, life and opportunities look very different. I am thankful for the country I was born in, Switzerland, and the United States where I live and can pursue my entrepreneurial vision and dreams. 

 I am a believer in stakeholder capitalism, which means that I operate to maximize not only my profits but aim with equal efforts for the benefits of my employees, customers, and the community at large as well. I am thankful to do business in western democracies in which I can pursue my dreams with a great degree of freedom.    

 I am thankful that 30 years ago, I was allowed to immigrate to America and become an entrepreneur.  And let me tell you, I do not think there are many countries who would allow an immigrant to think “Big,” build a town from scratch like Avalon Park and so much more. 

 We are thankful for each and every resident, business owner, neighbor and guests.  So, whether you whether you have lived, learned, worked or played in Avalon Park for 10+ years or just 1 year, would love to share your story.  Please email with your story to be included in future editions. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for making Avalon Park the best place to Live, Learn, Work and Play! 


Beat Kahli

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