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I Love Avalon Park

In the mid-90s, I moved from Switzerland to the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. It was a BIG change. And yes, I got home sick.  Not so much because South Florida had no mountains, but because I was not used to being in a neighborhood with only homes, that all looked more or less the same. I rarely saw anyone I knew when I would leave my home in the morning. There was no sense of community.  People just drove into their garages in the evening and out of their garages in the morning. As a matter of fact, I did not really know any of my neighbors.

Sometimes I tell people, one the reasons we developed Avalon Park Orlando was to cure my Switzerland “home sickness.”  I love communities where you can live, learn, work and play. Because they remind me of home and how I truly believe we are meant to interact and belong within a community.

There is a lot to love about communities, where you can live, learn, work and play.  I am writing this article on a Sunday in my office in Avalon Park.  While here, I will head downstairs to the Marketplace for a bite to eat while listening to the live jazz music.   This is just one component that I Love about Avalon Park.  It’s a bustling town, with a sense of belonging.

As we start the month of February, a month charmingly deemed the month of “Love,” I reflect on some of the other reasons that I love Avalon Park.

I love the sense of belonging and safety when I am in Avalon Park. Our business operations are now across the globe, and I often travel to my native Zurich, Switzerland. But every time I return to Avalon Park it is like coming home, back to the roots.

I love the double, triple, and quadruple stakeholders.  These are the residents who live in Avalon Park, have kids in school in Avalon Park, have a business or work in Avalon Park, are member of a Church, Rotary, Kiwanis, Jet Setters, or other organization and frequent one of our 25 restaurants, stores or other amenities.

I love to meet young men and women who were born in Avalon Park and now raise a family of their own or work in Avalon Park.

I love the ability to connect with the entire world from my office and from The 5th Floor in Avalon Park, where many entrepreneurs are taking their first step into the business world.

I love how multicultural APG has become, with team members on every continent. And I love that it all started in humble East Orlando more than 20 years ago.

In short, you can say I Love Avalon Park.  I would love to hear why you Avalon Park.  I invite you to send me an email with your story to:

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Beat Kahli

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