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I call Central Florida home for exactly a quarter Century. What a journey in this 25 years, from 100 cows in East Orlando to a City, called Avalon Park,  and after many other personal, charitable and business highlights around the globe, more and more people are asking me to write a book. Stephanie Lerret, who joined Avalon Park Group almost 20 years ago as a student form Kansas, and is  today our Senior Vice President for Marketing and Community relations had a better idea. Lets bring the East Orlando Sun back to live.

The Sun was founded by a great Lady, called Sheryl Quatrano, back when East Orlando was in the “middle of nowhere”, she started the newspaper as a one Women enterprise, writing all articles, selling advertisement and at times personally delivering the newspaper. Sheryl became famous in East Orlando, and when she and her Husband wanted to retire, she decided to sell the East Orange Sun, later called the East Orlando Sun to me. The Sun was shining bright, reaching many Families in East Central Florida, becoming the largest Central Florida community newspaper with a weekly circulation of over 100.000. There is no day that we don’t hear from somebody still talking about the Sun, and until to date people are calling us, wanting to place an ad or asking when our break from publishing the Sun will end. Yes a few years ago we decided to take a break, and yes we were to busy to do it all, but we promised the community, after a break the Sun will be back, NOW is the time to end the break THE SUN IS BACK!

And while traveling and doing business, we were able to learn a lot and see a lot, meet many people and make friends all over the world. Today the Sun in the Avalon Park Group global business world never goes down. Somebody in the APG Family of companies is always working in the US, Europa, Asia, Africa or Australia. When sometimes is is not easy to sleep I am Blessed to be able to get in touch with a member of our Family styled enterprises somewhere in the world. And while we used our break from publishing the Sun to travel the world, our foundation always was Central Florida, we always came home to Avalon Park Orlando where people can live, learn, work and play.

It is our goal to let the Sun shining all over the world, on every continent, and in different languages. Every large Vision and Mission starts with a first step.

Or first step is a new name: AVALON PARK SUN.

While reading this 224th edition of COFFEE HOUR WITH BEAT, you are reading the first AVALON PARK SUN.

We are reaching on line and through delivery of hard copies more then 50.000 readers today, and hope to reach an on line and print circulation of more then 100.000 by the end of 2020.

AVALON PARK SUN is a local community newspaper with a global reach. Because of our roots in Switzerland, and our ventures on every continent, we can bring you first hand experience, news which are written by people like you and I, living in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Taveres, Florida, in Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Basel, Switzerland, Singapur, Asia, Sydney, Australia or Cape Town, Africa and more.

We want this to be an interactive newspaper, we want you to be able to contribute and to share your opinion.

The AVALON PARK SUN will not be written by  professional journalists, it will be written by people like you, by MOMS and DADS, by students of all grades, by people of all ages, artists, politicians, athletes, business people and many more.

The AVALON PARK SUN, will be published every day, updated every minute. While we want to be your news source, we don’t strive to “chase” the latest scandal and update on it every second.

You can log in to the Avalon Park Sun anytime. You can receive a hard copy on demand and by subscribing, we will as well deliver at selected locations.

Rome was not built in one day, the AVALON PARK SUN will evolve, we need our input and your help.

When ever I read an article in a newspaper about an event I personally participated, most of the time, I find it to be not “like it really” was. The AVALON PARK SUN will be different, all articles are written by people like you and I, and news are only first hand. The AVALON PARK SUN will have an opinion, it be will the opinion of people who live, learn, work and play in Central Florida, or around the globe.

And while we will tell you how people are talking about the US, the US economy in Singapur or Sydney, we will as well let you know if the Timber Creek Wolfes won there last Football game, and have pictures from local schools and all community events.

The SUN has risen again.



Beat Kahli

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