Avalon Park Group Sponsors Avalon Elementary School Teacher Trip to South Africa

ORLANDO, FL, April 24, 2015 — Avalon Park Group announced today that they will continue their longstanding support of international education by sponsoring this year’s Avalon Elementary School trip to South Africa, June 17-July 3, 2015.

The 3 week trip begins in Cape Town and will take the teachers on a tour through South Africa, where they will visit key historical and cultural locations, such as Soweto, Johannesburg and Swaziland.  A total of 40 teachers and staff are a part of the upcoming trip.   While Beat Kahli, President and CEO of Avalon Park Group has contributed $100,000 towards this trip, all teachers and staff that attend are required to pay a portion of their way.  Other criterion must be met, including contribution to the school’s success.

Pam Sanders, Avalon Elementary School Principal, said, “Mr. Kahli has been a visionary in helping our school staff increase their knowledge of a global world.”   She further explained that his contributions have provided opportunities for our teachers to experience this global world first hand by providing travel opportunities on the annual trips to places such as Italy, Switzerland, China, Peru, and the Amazon.  These experiences allow for us to bring the best education to the children in our community, which is evidenced by the Blue Ribbon School Award Avalon Elementary received in 2010.  The Blue Ribbon status named the school as one of the top 300 schools in the nation.  “Mr. Kahli understands by increasing our teachers’ knowledge base we increase their ability to teach our students.”  Sanders said.

Beat Kahli, President and CEO of Avalon Park Group, said, “Teachers are the most crucial part of raising the next generation in our community and their efforts are so often underappreciated.”  He goes on to say, “We ask our teachers to give our children the best education in the world and the experiences they will have in it, however, we do not afford them the resources to experience those very things we are asking them to teach.”

For more information on Avalon Park Group, visit www.AvalonParkGroup.com or call 407-658-6565.


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